Here is a directory to all of my D&D Homebrew creations.

Custom Classes

Custom Creatures Custom Feats New Items:

  • Blood Toxins (Plague Doctor)
  • New Equipment
  • Spellshooters
  • Spellshooter Augmentations

New Spells:

  • Custom Domains
  • Custom Invocations
  • Custom Spells
  • Disciplines (Geistcaster)
    • Flame
    • Frostwind
    • Spirit
    • Spite
  • Magical Evolutions (Vivimancer)
  • Medical Specializations (Plague Doctor)

New Skills and Skill Uses:

  • Warp Form

New Vestiges:

  • Ani, the Black Winged Deva
  • Kozilek, The Unseen Crown
  • WoTC Supplements

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